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Our offer in August 2021

Yoga  in Tanzania


Yoga under the African sky

The hostel near Arusha offers volunteers and house guests the opportunity not only to help in one of the projects, but also to take part in these yoga classes.

The hostel offers a suitable place in the garden, surrounded by exotic plants, with a view of Mount Meru, we can feel the wonderful effects of yoga together.

About the yoga teacher Ines Buchholz: 

Yoga is a path, they say. After a fulfilled working life in the automotive industry, with a period of mental illness, my path finally led me to the poorest countries in the world. Helping, traveling and yoga heal my soul.

It has always been my dream to teach yoga in a special place in the open air. Letting other people share in my experience drives me with all my heart.

My training:

April 1995     Training Instructor Autogenic Training

February 1999    Training Instructor Autogenic training, advanced courses

May 2004 – Nov 2004       Instructor Qualification Yoga

March 2005 – April 2006     Instructor Qualification Yoga, Advanced  

Course leader for autogenic training and yoga since 1997 


Yoga is much more than doing physical exercises, yoga leads us to a holistic way of life. Yoga has been handed down in India since 1500 BC. In the beginning it was only practiced by so-called holy men who sought contact with the divine.

After that, the yoga path served for a long time for mental training and self-knowledge. Physical exercises, the so-called asanas, were only added much later. With yoga, our moving mind comes to rest. We can clear our thoughts, center and become still. It is also about clarifying how the individual should deal with himself and his environment. Awareness of oneself in the physical posture, refinement of the breath, withdrawal of the senses, concentration, meditation and finally oneness.

Change begins in the mind. Allowing change is often difficult and requires patience and perseverance in equal measure.

The first step is mindfulness with yourself.

How do I trade? how do i feel how do i think

The physical exercises (asanas) are wonderful tools to get on track with yourself. They serve to bring body, mind and soul into harmony. The breath is the link.

Yoga is a holistic path.

Our offer for you:

  • Hatha yoga physical exercises

  • mindfulness training

  • breathing exercises

  • relaxation sequences

  • fantasy travel

  • meditation

The yoga units take place in the mornings or evenings by arrangement.

There are no costs.


Then contact us.  

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Yoga in der Natur
Yoga 4
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