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Tanzania - Day Care

Day Care in Usa River


Frank T. founded the Afroplan project in 2012 to help women and their children aged 3-6 in particular. Afroplan is a day care center where about 45 children from the poorest families from Usa River can come to learn basic math, science, grammar, Swahili and English. In addition, it is a place where the children are safe and supervised while their family or guardians earn an income. They also get breakfast and lunch. 

During the time when the children in Afroplan go to preschool, Frank tries to find sponsors who enable the children to attend a private school after preschool. Frank, too, once received an education only with the help of godparents. He founded Afroplan to give something back. It is his heart desire.


Here's how you can help

You don't necessarily have to be a teacher to get involved. The possibilities of help are manifold. In addition to the support in the classroom and the design of learning material, you can also become active in craftsmanship. Paint walls, carry out repairs or maintain and design the outdoor area. 

The school has engough space to plant e.B shrubs or flowers.

You can also teach the children new games, songs or dances. 

Maybe you have own ideas to be involved?

Go in touch with us!


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