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Our cultural program for you


Your cultural program should give you the opportunity to start relaxed into your journey as a volunteer. You get the chance to get used to the climate and get a first impression of the country and its people.


Your supervisor Tsering or Passang will introduce you to their own culture and tradition and will give you a little insight into the elements of Nepalese and Tibetan culture.


They will be happy to respond to your wishes, questions and needs. You will get to know the culture and the people in an intensive way that no normal tourist will be able to do.

We hope you can gain many new impressions!


With this small cultural program, you will contribute to a fair income for Tsering and Passang as well as their families.




Your program

Tsering or Passang take you on walk in the vicinity of the orphanage to get a first impression of everything.

You can also use this as an opportunity to buy a SIM card.


You will also have the opportunity to prepare a typical Nepalese dish.


On one of the days Tsering or Passang will drive you to Kathmandu and show you the most diverse religious sites. Boudhanath, Swyambbunath and Pashupatinath are definitely part of the program. Already the trip there, in the public bus, will be a little adventure.


During these days Tsering or Passang will also teach you a few words of the Nepalese language and tell you a lot about the country and its people.

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