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Nepal - orphanage Children of Universe

The house & its inhabitants

The orphanage

Children of Universe was founded by Tsering in 2011.


It is located north of Kathmandu, surrounded by rice fields and the mountains of the Himalayas.

55 children, Tsering and the carers Didi and Dei have found a new home in the COU.

Three dogs, cats and a few chickens also belong to the COU family.


The children are orphans, half-orphans or come from very poor families who are not able to take care of them.

The house has numerous bedrooms, a leisure room, a kitchen and several toilets and showers. The water is slightly heated by a solar system.

Electricity and internet are also available.


Numerous volunteers have already been here and many still feel closely connected to the orphanage.




Here's how you can help  

Take care of the children during the day and bring forward own ideas of how to organise the day.

In the morning you can help the little ones with washing and getting dressed and then accompany the children to the school bus.


While the girls and boys are at school, you can get involved working in the orphanage (kitchen, garden, renovation, repairs, etc.). You can decide in which way you want to get involved, depending on your personal interests and strenghts and the current situation in the orphanage.


The children are also happy to receive help with their homework and to spend time with you.

Be careful, responsible and respectful of the local culture.


If you want to bring along something for the children, talk to us. We are always in contact with the orphanage and can tell you what is currently needed most.



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