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Our cultural program for you


When you think of Tanzania, maybe you have pictures of the Serengeti, the fantastic animal world or Kilimandjaro in mind.


Tanzania has a unique nature and the Masai people have largely preserved their culture until today.


Your cultural program will give you the opportunity to start relaxed into your journey as a volunteer. You get the chance to get used to the climate and will help you to get a first impression of the country.


Your supervisors  will bring you closer to Tanzania.

With a lot of humor and passion they will give you insights into the culture and will telll you a lot about the country and its people. They will be happy to answer all your questions and requests.


With this small cultural program you will contribute to a fair income for local families.



Your program

After you have recovered from the journey, you take a walk through the Usa River, while you among other things, you have the opportunity to buy a SIM card. You can do your first errands at the small local market and in the supermarket.

You will also visit your aid project and get a first insight into your volunteer work.


Another day is Arusha. In a private car you will go to the lively city with all its facets - Clock Tower, the largest market and much more - let yourself be surprised.

Of course there is a typical Tanzanian lunch. A small coffee farm with a banana plantation is also on the program. You get to know everyday farm life and can enjoy a coffee at the end.  

Depending on the time and weather, a hike to a waterfall can also be part of the program.

You will also be taught a few words in Swaheli along the way.

We wish you a lot of fun!

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