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Tanzania - baby house

The house & its inhabitants

This facility is very special - its a facility for babies in need. Children whose mother died in childbirth, who have been abandoned or whose families are not able to take care of the babies for various reasons are looked after here.


They receive medical care in this baby house. Many nannies lovingly look after the children 24 hours a day.


At the age of three, if possible, the children are reintegrated into their original family, adoptive parents are sought for or they find a new home in another orphanage.


The house was founded in 2004 and is located in a small town at the foot of Mount Meru. Overall, it is well equipped.


Today more than 30 children between the ages of zero and three find a temporary new home here.




Here's how you can help

Helping hands are really needed in this lovely orhpanage.

The babies are swaddled, fed and lovingly cared for.


You can also get involved in the crawling group in a wide variety of ways. Washing, dressing, feeding, playing, singing - give the children your attention.


Your support is also needed in the group of two to three year olds. You can get involved by helping with many different tasks here as well.


Talk to the staff on site to use your skills and to realize your ideas in the best possible way.


You may be sure that the children will take your heart by storm.


If you want to bring along something for the children, talk to us. We are always in contact with the orphanage and can tell you what is currently needed most.



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