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Tansania - school of hope

In June 2021 Ines visited the children of the Maasai village of Moita for the first time together with their teacher Nancy. At that time, the boys and girls were taught in the open air. The Maasai wanted a real school for their children and so it came about that the association "Gemeinsam für Kinder der Welt" collected donations with many campaigns and the support of many people in order to make this dream of the Maasai come true. We support this school to this day and want to continue to help. You can be a part of it by visiting the school during your stay in Tanzania and doing good for one day. 

Nancy und Ines
Tanz der Massai Frauen
Einweihung der school of hope
Die school of hope
Freiwillige in der school of hope
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