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Our cultural program for you


The culture of Ethiopia is as diverse as its people,

languages ​​and landscapes.


The cultural program should give you the opportunity to start relaxed into your journey as a volunteer. You get the chance to get used to the climate and get a first impression of the country and its people.


Your supervisor Happy has many years of experience in the tourism industry. He will bring you closer to his homeland with all his heart and a wealth of knowledge.

He is happy to respond to your wishes, questions and needs. You will get to know the culture and the people in an intensive way that no normal tourist can ever be able to do.


Enjoy your discovery tour.


With this small cultural program you are helping to secure a fair income for some families on site.

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Your program

You will take a wander through Lalibela to get a first impression of how the daily live looks like. You can also use this as an opportunity to buy a SIM card.

A coffee ceremony should not be missing, as Ethiopia is the country of origin of coffee.

Injera is the Ethiopian basic food. While visiting a local family, you will be able to bake a flatbread made from millet dough yourself.


The city of Lalibela is considered as the Jerusalem of Africa and is world-famous for its rock-hewn churches. You will have the opportunity to visit the churches on several days. On two days you will be accompanied by a guide.


In the evening it will be about time for some shoulder dancing, a special highlight where you can also enjoy a glass of honey wine or beer. If you like, Happy will introduce you in the art of dance. During your first few days, Happy will also teach you a few words of the Amharic language.



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