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Uganda - daycare center on an island in
Bunyonyi Lake 

The facility 

In the morning the children come to the daycare center by boat, as this facility is located on an island in the middle of Bunyonyi Lake.  As soon as you arrive you feel that this place is unique and you are immediately impressed.  


The daycare center and the accommodation for volunteers are located on a hill and offer a beautiful view of the lake landscape.

Gad, the manager and founder of the facility, was born on the island, lives and works there with his family. He opened the daycare center on his private property in 2017. He wants to offer children between the ages of 3 and 6 a place where they can receive their first education and play and learn in a protected environment while their parents earn a living. The children all come from poor families in the area. 

40 girls and boys are currently being cared for in the Day Care Center. There are three classrooms and a small playground available. The children look forward to you paying them attention. 


Here's how you can help  

The options for help are diverse. In addition to supporting lessons and designing learning material, you can also teach the children new games, songs or dances. 

But you can also help with swimming lessons. 

Gad cultivates a few small fields and is happy to receive help there too. Depending on your own interests and inclinations, you can support the repair and maintenance of the facility. 


Bring in your ideas. Be mindful, responsible and respectful of the local culture. 

If you would like to bring something for the children, please contact us. We are always in contact with the daycare center and can tell you what is currently needed.

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