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Hostel in Ethiopia & Tanzania


Hostel in Ethiopia, Lalibela

The small hostel is located in the center of Lalibela. You can use a tuc tuc to get to your project.


Your host is a local family which enabels you to experience the culture and the daily life in an authentic way.


You will share the room with up to one other volunteer.

A shower and toilet are available, but you should always keep in mind that you are in one of the poorest countries in the world. The standard is not comparable to ours in Europe.

In the small inner courtyard you can end the day apart from the hustle and bustle in the street.





You are heartly welcome!

Hostel in Tanzania

The hostel is close to the day care Afroplan and Relini and Arusha can also be easily reached by public transport.


The house is run by Vera and her husband Damien. As soon as you enter the small guest house, you feel at home.


You will share the room with up to three other volunteers. A shower and a toilet are available for each room. You can eat in the cozy living area.

But there is also a nice kitchen, where you can cook if you like.


The house is surrounded by a small courtyard. The small terrace invites you to relax.


You are very welcome here!



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