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About the founder Ines Buchholz

Life is a wonderful journey




That drives me ...


Traveling, curiosity and an interest in other cultures have always been part of my life.


But it took 50 years until I started my very first 

backpacking with a friend of mine.


Far away off the beaten track and mass tourism, I made the experience what it actually means to learn about other culture and countries.


I discovered a new and different kind of travel for myself.

In 2016 I felt drawn to Nepal-known as the roof of the world. Through this trip I met Sylvia Tiefenthaler and her club

Gemeinsam für Kinder der Welt

and got to know an orphanage near Kathmandu.


Touched by the poverty in the country, I sponsored a little boy named Nabin right away.


In the same year I joined Sylvia's association and have been supporting the projects for the children of the orphanages with a lot of passion ever since.




In 2017, my desire to travel led me to the diverse country of Ethiopia.


On a trekking tour through the breathtakingly beautiful mountains around Lalibela I got to know the

tourist guide

Happy and the orphange Happy Family House, which was founded

by him.


When I saw the circumstances in which the children were living, I decided to help with our association.


Happy and I have been friends since then and Ethiopia has become a second home to me.



In 2019 my husband and I wanted to explore
Tanzania and Ethiopia. We decided to link helping and traveling.
In Tanzania we visited a baby house
and met the manager Psteen. In this facility, babies and toddlers in need, are lovingly cared for.
The work and experience, made a lasting impression on us.


Through all these wonderful journeys, inspiring encounters and experiences with the different cultures, I contracted a passion to do more for the people in the poor countries of this world.

I now want to give other people the opportunity to get involved socially as well and gain new cultural experiences.


The idea was born to found an organization to arrange volunteer work.


I pursue the goals

to enable intercultural encounters and exchanges at eye level,

to achieve sustainability in the projects on site,

to ensure a fair income for all project participants

and to enable sensitive help and travel.



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