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Ethiopia - orphanage


The house & its inhabitants

Happy has been taking care of children in need since 2015.

The children are orphans, half-orphans or come from very poor families who are not able to take care of them.


He has been working with our association "Gemeinsam für Kinder der Welt" since 2017. In October 2019, the association bought the house in which the girls and boys are currently liveing, to give them a safe home.


The little house lies on the outskirts of Lalibela. The school is within walking distance for the children.

Right now 13 boys and girls are living in the Happy Family House as well as a woman who washes and cooks for the children. A dog and a cat are also part of the family.


There are three bedrooms, a kitchen, a lounge and a shower and toilet. For a country like Ethiopia this is already a high standard.


The inner courtyard offers space for children to play.



Here's how you can help

Take care of the boys and girls during the day and bring forward own ideas of how to organise the day.


In the morning you can help the little ones with washing and getting dressed and accompany the boys and girls to school and kindergarden. After school you can help with homework.


Helping in the kitchen, cleaning or renovating, you can decide in which way you want to get involved, depending on your personal interests and strenghts and the current situation in the orphanage.


Since many kids are involved in our projects it is particulary important to us that your are mindful and respectful.


If you want to bring along something for the children, talk to us. We are always in contact with the orphanage and can tell you what is currently needed most.


Let your creativity and strengths be part of this project in a sensitive and respecful way.



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